Can International Drivers Purchase Auto Insurance in Missouri?

Can International Drivers Purchase Auto Insurance in Missouri?

In Missouri, even international drivers are required to have auto insurance to drive legally. Drivers with foreign drivers licenses will find that they too need auto insurance.


Non-American citizens can still purchase auto insurance with their international drivers license. Foreign drivers auto insurance is considered a high risk coverage category, but there are options out there for non-Americans to purchase state required auto insurance in Missouri. International drivers insurance is considered a high risk category since insurance providers do not have access to drivers history, a social security number, and other factors typically used to determine auto insurance rates.


At STL Insurance Stop, our independent insurance agents can work with international drivers to find an auto insurance plan that meets the minimum legal requirements, while still working to find you the lowest rate possible by shopping the top-rated auto insurance providers. Call us today for a free, no obligation quote: (314) 475-5637.


  • The basis of this practice, is that, the indrutsy feels those that have poor or less than average credit ratings, are a risk as drivers overall. Just like how they separate the young male driver, under 25, that their statistics have shown that they cause more wrecks than the norm. I feel the stats for young men is probably pretty accurate, most teenage guys can’t wait to get the fastest car they can afford, and they do tend to get into more trouble then the norm. I do not understand how your credit rating should effect your driving skills. Many people suffer a bad credit hit, without cause on their part. Someone may have cancer, for example, payments for treatment are huge, and naturally all your medical bills could back up, causing late payments. To say that, because of a medical situation, I have to pay higher insurance rates, is totally asinine! This regulation should be changed, I totally agree.

    • I agree. It makes no sense to use credit scores as a basis of determining auto insurance rates.

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