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An SR-22 Filing is filed by an auto insurance company, and submitted to the state. It provides proof that a driver has the minimum required liability insurance coverage for that particular state. STL Insurance Stop can provide drivers with state required SR-22 insurance at affordable rates.

STL Insurance Stop’s independent insurance brokers will shop the major insurance providers to find you the lowest rates on your state-required SR-22 insurance policy. We can get you covered with an SR-22 policy with low down payments, monthly payments, instant proof of insurance — all with no bank account required!

Who needs SR-22 Insurance Coverage? If you have any DWIs or DUIs, a lot of traffic tickets, a suspended or revoked driver’s license, accidents with no proof of insurance, or other DMV violations then you will be required to have an SR-22 proof of insurance. SR-22 coverage is for high risk drivers. If your are required to carry an SR-22 filing the court will let you know that you are required to provide proof of SR-22 insurance and will let you know how long you need to keep it.

STL Insurance Stop helps driver’s get back on the road and satisfy their court requirements by offering instant proof of insurance for those required to hold an SR-22 filing. Our expert insurance brokers understand SR-22 and the law and will help you drive legally. To learn more about SR-22 coverage visit our SR-22 Insurance Frequently Asked Questions page.

Don’t own a car, but need SR-22? No problem! STL Insurance Stop offers non-owner’s SR-22 policies. This allows you to drive a car you don’t own, and still meet state SR-22 requirements.

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