If I Don’t Own A Vehicle Can I Still Get Auto Insurance?

If you do not own your own vehicle, but have access to a vehicle to drive, there is no need to worry, you can still be insured! Non-owners auto insurance is designed for drivers who do not own a vehicle, but still drive.


Non-owners auto insurance is perfect for drivers who occasionally borrow or rent a car. Just like regular car insurance, you can purchase varying amounts of coverage from the state-required minimum all the way up to full coverage. You can even purchase non-owners insurance if you are required by a Missouri court to maintain an SR-22 filing.


If an accident happens, the car owner’s insurance policy covers the damages. The non-owner insurance policy is only used if the liability limit of the car owner’s policy cannot cover the damages caused to the car. Non-owners car insurance does not take precedence over the car owner’s policy. If the car owner’s insurance cannot afford the entire cost of the damages caused due to the accident, then the non-owner insurance policy takes care of the balance.


Non-owners insurance cannot be purchased if you already own a vehicle. If you own a vehicle and still occasionally rent or borrow another vehicle, you should check with your insurance provider to see what kind of coverage you need.


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