Non-Owner’s SR-22 Insurance

st. louis insurance brokerIf you are required by the State of Missouri to carry an SR-22 filling, but you don’t own a vehicle, STL Insurance Stop can help! Our independent insurance brokers will find you quotes from all the top insurance providers to find you the lowest rates on your state-required SR-22 coverage.


Non-Owner’s SR-22 policies are designed for driver’s who are required by Missouri to carry an SR-22 filling, but do not own a vehicle. This is a liability only policy. It is important to know that with non-owner’s SR-22 coverage the vehicle you drive still needs to be insured. If you have any questions about getting a non-owner’s policy and making sure you meet the minimum insurance requirements to comply with Missouri law, our expert insurance brokers will help guide you towards meeting your minimum insurance requirements.


Non-Owner’s SR-22 polices are considered high risk policies. They do not cover individuals who own a vehicle, it is only for people who do not own any vehicle. Non-Owner’s policies do not cover rental or commercial vehicles and does not include comprehensive or collision coverage.


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