Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Comprehensive coverage auto insurance, also known as full coverage is a great way to protect yourself after an accident. Comprehensive coverage is optional unless you are required by your auto lender to have full coverage if you are currently paying off your vehicle.

auto-insurance-discountsComprehensive coverage protects your vehicle from damages that may occur from natural disasters, civil disturbances (such as riots), fire, vandalism, falling objects, animals, and more.

To determine whether purchasing comprehensive auto insurance is the right decision for you, you should talk to your insurance agent. If you own an old vehicle that is not worth a lot of money then skipping comprehensive coverage may make more financial sense. When determining whether or not to purchase comprehensive coverage you should figure out if you can afford to replace or repair your vehicle in the event of significant damages.

Missouri Full Coverage Auto Insurance

STL Insurance Stop has partnered with Progressive to bring you the best full coverage auto insurance in Missouri. We can find you an affordable rate with the great customer service you expect from Progressive. Progressive handles claims faster than many auto insurance providers, meaning you get paid faster!

Dairlyand Auto Insurance Quote

STL Insurance Stop offers a variety of comprehensive auto insurance plans at affordable rates. We shop the top rated auto insurance carriers including Progressive Insurance to get you the lowest cost coverage available. Call us today at (314) 475-5637 to get a free, no obligation quote.