Missouri Renter’s Insurance FAQs

Why should I obtain Renter’s Insurance?

Renter’s Insurance covers your personal belongings in the event something happens to them. Renter’s Insurance also protects you in case someone tries to sue you for injury or personal property damage that occurs on your property.

Should I get Renter’s Insurance even if my landlord has insurance?

Yes. Your landlord probably has insurance, but that only covers the actual building you are living in, not your personal property or any claims that are made against you.

Is Renter’s Insurance expensive?

Not at all! It is probably a lot cheaper than you would expect. We offer free quotes for Renter’s Insurance, so contact us today to see how little it will cost to get Renter’s Insurance for your house, apartment or condo.

Does Renter’s Insurance cover temporary relocation in the event something happens to my home?

Usually, yes. When we work to find you a policy that fits your needs we can make sure that these expenses are covered for you.

Does Renter’s Insurance cover flood damage?

A basic policy may not cover flood damage, but you usually can add it to your policy. Contact us to learn more.

How can I save money on Renter’s Insurance?

We shop around to compare policies for you to help you save money. You can choose to go with a higher deductible or pay your full premium at once to save money. You may also be able to get discounts for certain safety features such as working smoke detectors.

How do I get a Missouri Renters Insurance quote?

You can get a FREE quote on Missouri renters insurance by calling our office at (314) 475-5637 or using our online quote request form.